Most advertising and marketing agencies have the same challenge in that your team and graphic designers know how to brand, use typeface and whitespace, make great layouts but everything seems to fail when you change that pretty picture from an idea to an actual product. Then the decision to bring programmer's in-house starts, but no one has hired any and once you hire a programming team your agency becomes limited to their "House" or the technology they want to use and changes become expensive as either turn-over in the programmer's happens or you disband your programming team.

At Foonster LLC we have years of deploying various internet products from Microsoft™ ASP, JSP, RSS feeds, FileMaker to the current technology being used like iOS, HTML5, jQuery, jQueryUI, Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress, Magento, x-Cart, Miva, SQL vs. MySQL vs. NoSQL and much more.

Benefits of partnering with Foonster LLC

Available and accountable

You'll never need to explain how we've dropped the ball. We work to keep an open line of communication with our partners; always being in touch either through email, conference calls or other project management tools.

Customer Facing

We will be professional, knowledgeable and informative when partnering with your clients for additional consulting. We ensure to talk to customers in a language that can be understood and solidify confidence in the solution being offered. All in an effort to help your business.

Experienced and trustworthy

We've have many years of experience, a refined process and a documented history of delivering for partners on time and on budget. So you can trust your job will be completed as promised. We don't over-promise functionality that can't be completed realistically and we don't commit to deadlines we know can't be met.

Post-launch customer support and services

We provide on-going maintenance, hosting and support to customers after their project, product or site is completed.