Email marketing is not a fad or passing trend. It is one of the most effective and powerful tools for the majority of businesses, and utilized correctly a good email marketing program will put your message directly in front of your desired audience.

Foonster LLC can set up a program custom-designed to keep you in contact with your customer base without landing your advertising statements in spam folders. We will assist you with:

  • Email list management (creation, scrubbing, qualifying, sorting)
  • Email design and the creative content for the program
  • Determining the best platform for the email marketing campaign
  • And most importantly, tracking the results

Don’t have an email list yet? We will even help you put plans in place to start creating a list if you don't have one to begin with.

Our tracking and reporting will help you know not only how many emails were opened, but we can tell you everything the visitor clicked on in the email. Foonster Technology can even track the success of the email by monitoring activity of the email recipients once they land on the website. This is invaluable in adjusting your business and marketing decisions. We have the proven knowledge to create successful email marketing campaigns for businesses both large and small.

Don't risk losing business opportunities by having YOUR email marketing message look like spam.