As internet use increasingly happens on a smart phones, the opportunity for businesses to reach these consumers creatively and within the mobile environment just keeps growing.

Foonster Technology can identify the opportunities that make the most sense for your business and help implement them.

Some mobile marketing services we provide:

SMS marketing. Use Text2Join, Text2Win or Text2Vote tools to gain an opted in list of people interested in receiving text communication from you. Opportunities to reach the mobile consumer are endless and not that expensive.

Mobile Advertising. Mobile ad networks are expanding capacity and getting easier to implement.

Localization. Positioning your business to list well in mapping and local directories is more and more important now that these functions are built into smart phones.

Mobile PPC.There are more and more ways to segment pay-per-click advertising, including delivery to mobile units. We can help make sure your PPC is optimized for this medium.

We also can help you create a website catered to these mobile consumers