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Foonster LLC provides natural search optimization ( NSO ) services. The primary intent of NSO services is to increase the visibility of the website(s) to the leading search portals through their natural search results. Natural search results are defined as search results that are listed by a search portal as relevant to a query based on the site content, site coding practices, and search engine algorithimic matching/relevance techniques and not manipulated through human intervention or paid placement programs.

Our NSO services consist of research and analysis of the website, optimization goals, and marketing goals in order to provide specific optmization recommendations. The results of the research and analysis are documented and delivered as reports that are mutually reviewed with you and we are willing to work with directly with your marketing firm.

Research & Analysis Services

Obstacle Analysis Report

Evaluate the technical optimization obstacles that hinder the ability to achieve listings and provide a solution to the identified obstacles. The report will outline pages or processes that will be targeted for optimization based on the marketing goals and objectives.

Page Theme / Title Report

Research and provide recommendations for strategic placement of appropriate keywords within the optimized TITLE tags. The TITLEs are based on the evaluation of the page theme, page content, marketing objectives and keyword research. After approval supporting keywords will expanded during our content development, which will include using the identified keywords in descriptions, alt text, and link text ( when applicable ).

Link Architecture

Determine the relevancy of each individual page through external & internal link analysis, and report on the links found and evaluate their effectiveness.

Baseline Search Traffic Report

Create a baseline report search engine referrer traffic number report to establish a benchmark to determine the success of the NSO program.

Baseline Position Analysis Report ( PAR ) & Competitive Position Analysis Report ( CPAR's )

Create a PAR to display the current position of the recommended NSO keywords and phrases across the targeted search engines and a CPAR of your top three "3" competitiors to demonstrate rankings in regards to the keywords and phrases of your applicable competitors.

Optimized Code

We will write optimized copy for titles, keywords and descriptions derived from the provided content, individual pages, marketing objectives, and/or suggests for changes to dynamic content systems.

Verification Report

We will review your site to ensure the optimization techniques and code were implemented correctly.

Post Implementation Services

After our initial services are delivered we will provide you our ongoing reporting and analysis to ensure the success of your NSO program.