International College of Robotic Surgery

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We had the privilege of being approached by ArobaseGroup LLC to provide our expertise and support to the International College of Robotic Surgery (ICRS). As a renowned center for training and innovation, ICRS plays a crucial role in advancing the field of robotic surgery by providing comprehensive training programs for surgeons and their team members. Recognizing the need for a robust and secure platform, ICRS sought our assistance in developing an online platform that would facilitate the publication of their training and mentoring programs. Our goal was to create a cutting-edge solution that would enable ICRS to deliver their valuable educational content in a secure and accessible manner, revolutionizing the way surgeons and medical professionals enhance their skills and expertise in robotic surgery.


Foonster LLC when they deployed our Tyfoon WMS (Website Management System) product on their server. It was gratifying to see that our product already fulfilled 95% of the functionality they required right out of the box. As part of our partnership with the International College of Robotic Surgery (ICRS), we collaborated with their dedicated staff to address their specific concerns related to compliance. Through careful modifications and adjustments, we ensured that the "Quiz/Test" module aligned perfectly with their business rules and requirements, resulting in the successful completion of the project. We were thrilled to discover that only minor modifications were necessary to accommodate their unique testing methodology, and the Tyfoon WMS performed exceptionally well throughout the entire process.


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