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Foonster is an internet consulting company that enables our clients to unlock the true potential of their operations by learning from them, their processes, the solutions/technologies they have deployed, and experience in their industry. Then we work with them to determine the most effective solution that fits their operations business needs and goals.


It is doing what is the best thing for the client, even if that means saying "No".

To make an analogy for this philosophy.

When hanging a picture in your home you do not need a nail gun, permit, general contractor and three bids. All you need is a hammer and nail. To many technology companies make things more complicated then than have to be, confuse their client, and always recommend their product regardless of the time and money. We are different, while we do believe in our products we will tell you NO and will suggest the product/solution that best meets your business objectives and budget.

Our promise

All our interactions are of the highest integrity.

We celebrate the power of individuals and of individual thought and innovation. By being adaptive, embracing change and flexibility.

We are adoptive, embracing good ideas from all sources.

We encourage teamwork, risk-taking, creativity and speed-to-market.

While we value input, we DO NOT require consensus to move forward: this does not mean that we do not value everyone's opinions, we simply recognize the power of crisp and quick decisions.

So when working with us you should consider your issues and goals will be solved using the PROCESS SIMPLIFIED© methodology - process expertise, professional practices , thought, leadership, and deep experience in leading technologies to solve your issues and challenges.

We have scaleable project capabilities, expert project management, and proven methodologies delivering leading technologies on time and on budget. We have handled everything from a multi-plant JIT "Just-in-Time" inventory management system, legal case management software, marketing companies deploying our "Tyfoon WMS" and small companies that are starting out on the internet with a brochure website.


how we can help you

The internet is a rapidly changing medium of communication where the pace continues to intensify and expand making your knowledge and decisions even more critical to your business.

An uninformed or incorret decision to build or buy a problem could cost you valuable, time, energy, and resources. Foonster Technology has years of experience in a multitude of areas and will partner with you to determine what it will take to reach your desired results, providing you a custom bundle of services and products that best align with your needs and constraints.

So leverage our knowledge and services in internet, software and process development that we've gained since 1994 and allow us to serve as your technology agent to help map out a cost-effective technology plan to meet your needs

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what kind of tools we use

We employ a philosophy of "Eat Your Own Dog Food", so every product you see listed is a product that we BUILD and USE. This entire site is maintained by the Tyfoon WMS, we communicate with our customers via HERMES. However, just because we did not build it does not mean we do not have experience with a competitor's product. Our philosophy "process simplified" is always followed and we do not push products onto you, but only when they fit your business need.

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where wizard's stay up late

Most advertising and marketing agencies have the same challenge in that your team and graphic designers know how to brand, use typeface and whitespace, make great layouts but everything seems to fail when you change that pretty picture from an idea to an actual deliverable.

Then the decision to bring programmer's in-house starts, but no one has hired any and once you hire a programming team your agency becomes limited to their "House" or the technology they want to use and changes become expensive as either turn-over in the programming team happens and you disband your programming team.

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