House Plan It - HGTV

Custom Website Design, Ecommerce, Tyfoon

Client: c/o: Zeekee Interactive

Date: July 2011 - Nov 2018


Zeekee Interactive, in partnership with HGTV, approached Foonster LLC to undertake the challenge of developing an innovative solution for, comprised of skilled home designers and an architect, had a clear objective: to create a website that would surpass existing platforms in terms of user experience and reduce reliance on jQuery for functionality.

Their vision encompassed the creation of a comprehensive system that would revolutionize the process of publishing plans for sale. It aimed to provide homeowners with access to an extensive collection of designs from thousands of designers and architects, helping them find their dream home. In addition, the platform needed to incorporate a seamless checkout process and offer a range of desired features.

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In collaboration with Foonster LLC, Zeekee Interactive deployed a robust LAMP stack solution (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) using the powerful Tyfoon application development framework. This framework was instrumental in bringing's vision to life, ensuring a user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

The integration with the Tyfoon framework allowed for efficient management of the administration section exclusively used by The administration section was tailored with a customized user interface, aligning it with the default Tyfoon design and enhancing usability for the team.

An essential aspect of the solution was the seamless integration of an ecommerce component, enabling secure transactions for plan purchases. By leveraging the services of, a trusted payment gateway, the platform offered a reliable and secure checkout process. This integration added an extra layer of convenience for homeowners, ensuring a smooth transition from plan selection to ownership.

The collaboration between Zeekee Interactive, Foonster LLC, and resulted in a cutting-edge solution that exceeded's expectations. The platform not only provided an intuitive and user-friendly experience but also facilitated efficient plan uploads for designers and a comprehensive search functionality for homeowners. With the added ecommerce integration, homeowners could confidently complete their transactions using, ensuring a secure and reliable purchasing process.

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