Custom Development


Ant Farm Interactive had conceptualized a social media networking site that would allow registered users to share photos that they considered art. Each user would have a portfolio of images that they considered art that would be shared based on the user's profile settings and preferences.

The system was required to support a free/paid membership model with ability to upgrade to subscriptions, forums, rate photo's, promote via email and a process that would allow photo's taken on cellular phones to be uploaded. Again, please note that this project predates that iPhone and other smartphones and yes even Instagram

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Foonster LLC deployed a LAMP stack solution ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based on our SMS "Site Management Software", which was renamed Tyfoon in 2007. The platform supported all the required functionality except for the upload from the cellular phone.

To enable users to use their cellular phone's to upload photos a forking PERL script was created and a CRONTAB was installed that monitored a central email account. Then based on the origination phone number from any incoming email, the system looked for the cellphone number associated with that account and the photo was associated with the registered user's account.rndate published: 2005-09-01

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