Tutt Land Company

Custom Website Design & Tyfoon

Client: Tutt Land Company c/o: Zeekee Interactive


Zeekee Interactive, a trusted digital agency, was approached by Tutt Land Company, a prominent land real estate company in the southeastern United States, with the challenge of transforming their online presence from Wordpress to a scalable ssytem.. Tutt Land Company sought to create a website that would enhance their brand image, improve user experience, and provide robust functionality to showcase their extensive land listings.

Their goal was to develop a cutting-edge solution that would not only streamline the browsing and search experience for potential buyers but also empower their team to efficiently manage and update property listings. Additionally, the website needed to reflect Tutt Land Company's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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The team leveraged the powerful Tyfoon application development framework to build the website. Tyfoon offered flexibility and a wide range of customization options to meet Tutt Land Company's unique requirements. By utilizing Tyfoon, Zeekee Interactive ensured that the website would deliver an exceptional user experience and align with the company's branding.

One of the key features of the solution was the integration of a custom property listing management system. This system allowed Tutt Land Company to easily update and maintain their extensive land listings. The intuitive user interface of the management system empowered the team to add new properties, edit existing listings, and manage property details such as price, acreage, and location.

To enhance the search and browsing experience for potential buyers, Zeekee Interactive incorporated advanced search functionality that allowed users to filter land listings based on specific criteria such as location, price range, acreage, and property type. This feature enabled users to find the properties that matched their requirements quickly.

In addition, the website was integrated with a secure and user-friendly contact form, enabling potential buyers to reach out to Tutt Land Company directly. The form collected essential information from prospective buyers and facilitated efficient communication between the company and interested parties.

The collaboration between Zeekee Interactive and Tutt Land Company resulted in a visually stunning and highly functional website that surpassed the client's expectations. The new website provided an intuitive and user-friendly experience for potential buyers, showcasing Tutt Land Company's extensive land listings effectively. The custom property listing management system empowered the company to efficiently manage their listings and keep them up to date. The advanced search functionality and contact form further enhanced user engagement and facilitated seamless communication between Tutt Land Company and their clients.

The successful implementation of Tyfoon framework ensured a stable, scalable, and future-proof solution for Tutt Land Company. With their new website, Tutt Land Company now has a powerful online platform that reflects their expertise in land real estate and allows them to effectively connect with potential buyers in the southeastern United States.

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