Real Estate Marketing Platform ( Warroom ) for Hodges, Ward, Elliot

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The partnership of Hodges , Ward, Elliott is a brokerage and investment banking firm specializing in the lodging industry that was seeking an alternative to the current document management and transaction management platform that they were leasing on a per project basis from an undisclosed provider.

Date: July 2004 - Oct 2016


The provider is a broker neutral hosting portal company that utilizes internet technology to bring buyers and sellers together in the Real Estate industry. However, since they are neutral, they share buyer profile history and information to other Real Estate brokers and do not provide Hodges, Ward, Elliott with a competitive advantage over other Real Estate Brokers.

HWE was dependent upon the design, technology, and business decisions of this provider that dictates the process and has been unresponsive to HWE's needs. Also,the look and feel and overall the overall impression of HWE's internet marketing and communication paradigm looks like other competitor's that use the same company.

This limits the ability of HWE to pursue additional value-added services, alternative revenue streams and enable HWE to create marketing strategy that reduces their related internet marketing costs, protects confidential data/processes and produces a competitive advantage over other Real Estate Firms.


      Reduce costs for the production, maintenance and deployment of HWE Warrooms
      Streamline the file upload and data maintenance to ensure a faster response time for Administrative staff
      Secure HWE confidential client information.
      Develop an internet marketing portal that provides a competitive advantage over other Real Estate Brokerage firms and allows HWE to pursue value-added services and alternative revenue streams.


Foonster Technology deployed a MAMP stack solution ( Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP) that enabled HWE to deploy a solution that has a competitive licensing model where all costs as associated with the process definition and system construction, not software licensing.

Features & Functionality

Account / Contact Management:

      This module contains all the accounts and contacts used by HWE to manage the various Warroom's. It will provide and allow each account or contact to be assigned to a specific Team. All data will be available to all teams, if needed

Property Listing Module:

      The property listing is the primary key for all warrooms and supports child listings of additional properties. This listing will be used to populate the other internet-based marketing portals, HWEFocus, etc. Each property listing allows the administrative staff the ability to perform the following:

Image Gallery

      unlimited number of images.

Document Management Center

      - Document list with version tracking and four "4" level of access control list.

Email Broadcast

      This will allow for the creation of standard email templates, HTML and/or Plaintext email.

Process and Status Management

      - This is to track the prospect life cycle.


       This will include email acceptance, document downloads and times on company and user basis.

The server is located at Network Operations Center ( NOC ) of ArobaseGroup LLCu2019s ( HWE Consultant ) allowing HWE to push email functionality, bandwidth, and redundancy to a 24-7 facility independent of HWE corporate.

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